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3 Simple Tricks to Shoot Better off the Dribble | Basketball Shooting Tips

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In today’s video, I break down 3 Simple Tricks to Shoot Better off the Dribble! Shooting is the most important aspect to a player’s success in basketball today. Becoming a basketball player that can shoot out of any situation whether it’s catch and shoot or shooting off the dribble is incredibly valuable. Make sure you pay close attention throughout the video so you can improve your jump shot, and skyrocket your shooting percentage! These simple basketball shooting techniques are super easy to implement for players at every level. By implementing these tips into your game you can almost immediately skyrocket your shooting percentage!
My first talking point I dive in and explain to you the importance of “sticking the toe”! This is a hugely underrated aspect when it comes to shooting off of the dribble. We often find that the best shooters in the NBA all do a fantastic job of sticking the toe. This allows them to be able to generate enough power to shoot from pretty much anywhere on the court, thus giving them a much higher chance of making the shot! If we look at the best shooters in the NBA think of guys like James Harden, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson they do a phenomenal job of sticking the toe when pulling up for a shot. When it comes to shooting with precise accuracy basketball is just like any other hand-eye coordination sport, make sure you are locking in on your target before you shoot!
My second tip when it comes to shooting off of the dribble is to make sure you keep your “chest loaded”. This is another way the elite shooters in the NBA hit shots with insane consistency and range. If you slow down footage of Stephen Curry shooting off of the dribble he does a great job of loading his chest which helps load his hips. By doing this he is able to generate great up force giving him insane shooting range!
My third tip when becoming a better shooter off of the dribble is to “sweep your feet downhill” This is something we see from all of the best shooters in the NBA, they all have their feet sweep forward to some degree when they shoot off of the dribble. This is great for a players jump shot because it allows them to optimize their shooting arc and basketball shooting release.
My first drill to help you become an elite shooter off of the dribble by implementing the 3 tricks you learned in this video is “Pivot Pound Shooting” This is a great shooting drill to not only help you work on loading your body, but it is also great for creating a more fluid jumper. This drill is awesome for really honing in the muscle memory on your shooting release. This is a great way for a basketball player to get a good feel how early they need to target to make more shots

As always make sure you are paying close attention to these basketball shooting tips so when the time comes you can really expand your game to the next level! Watch the video all the way through and implement these 3 Simple Tricks to Shoot Better off the Dribble basketball tips and basketball drills into your game today!

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