Impact Sportz Austin Youth Basketball

These basketball drills are all a great way to get a quick workout in for your weak hand. — Free Workout — Follow Me — Sub To My Podcast

I hope you guys find value in these basketball drills.

This truly is a great way to improve your weak hand.

I know that the main reason that players struggle with using their left hand is that they never even practice with their left.

When they play 5 on 5 they keep the ball in the right and when they workout they use it just about as much as they do the right, but you need to spend even more time using it than you do with your right in order to see improvements.

Here is a summary of the workout:

00:41 – Ball Handling: V Dribble
00:52 – Ball Handling: In N Outs
01:02 – Ball Handling: Forward V Dribble
01:19 – Weak Hand Mikans
01:49 – Floaters & Hook Shots

Remember that for the ball handling drills you want to go full court down and back for each one.

For the Mikan drill you want to make 20 and for for the floaters and hook shots you want to make 10 total.

Add these 5 basketball drills to each workout you do and in time your weak hand is going to drastically improve.

You should now go over and watch this video…I actually picked it out special for you…Hint: floater 😉

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