Coaching Clinics

Top youth basketball coaching clinics



FREE FOR CAMPERS! This camp is designed specifically for youth coaches (up to 8th grade)!  We will cover key elements of : motion offense, trap defenses, practice drills, along with speed and agility training.  Through participating in the instruction, campers will have the opportunity to learn different fundamentals, skills, and techniques, and then apply them to real game situations.  Feel free to bring your whole team!

Have us come to your school for a a team training.


Here is some of what will be covered in our coaches clinics:

* Best ways to teach ball handling.

* Best ways to teach shooting.

* Best ways to teach man to man defense.

* Team Offense for man-to-man and zone defenses and best ways for teaching technics.

* Great examples for teaching various zone defenses, including the 3-2,2-1-2, 1-2-2, and 1-3-1 Lane Zone Defense.

* Learn the fundamentals  of zone and man-for-man presses, and how to teach press offense.

* How to teach all phases of out-of-bounds play including underbasket, sideline, and getting ball inbounds vs. pressing defenses.

* Post offense and Post defense. Learn the key technique that will make your post player better.

* Teaching players the proper use of the dribble.

* Teaching your team Clock management.

* Teaching Effective Fouling. Effect of team fouls on game outcome and how to make sure your
team understands this effect.

* How and when to substitute. When to sub a player out when he has 2, 3, or 4 fouls.

* Fundamentals, drills and how to teach them. How to teach setting and receiving a screen.

* Team building ideas and motivational techniques.

* Key things you must know about your opponent.

* Pre-game, half-time, and post-game coaching. Important areas that are often overlooked.

* Game strategy ideas.

* Best methods for developing team discipline.