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Learn these basketball crossovers if you want to learn how to break ankles FAST. The best part about these crossover moves is that they’re easy to learn. If you know how to dribble a basketball you should be able to add these to your game really quickly and get a few ankle breakers. The key is that you add the basketball drills in this video into your basketball training, so you can truly perfect and master the details that make these moves work on a defender. That’s one of the quickest ways to get handles that work in games. Besides that, make sure you try these moves a few times in games. It’s not enough to watch these “how to basketball” tutorials and try the moves a few times on your own, or even do drills with them. You also need to practice them with a defender on you to understand the spacing, angles and timing you need. If you do that, these are some of the best easy basketball moves to break ankles.

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