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In this Pro Tips 4U sports training basketball video, former Chicago Bull, Dickey Simpkins talk about Two Ball, Ball Handling. This drill is for player from 6th grade all the way to the NBA, and should always be done everytime you step on the court.

Dickie demonstrates regular two ball ball handling, alternate handling and switching back and forth. Learn where to start on the court, when to reverse and go backward. You’ll also learn fundamentals like staying low, keeping your dribbling low, concentration and keeping your head

Dickey Simpkins is a retired power forward who played on 3 of the Chicago Bulls championship teams in the 1990s. He was selected by the Bulls in the first round (21st overall pick) of the 1994 NBA draft. In his best season, Dickey averaged 9.1 points and 6.8 rebounds per game. He is now an analyst for ESPN and runs a basketball skills development program called Next Level Performance.

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